The Best of…Chris Hemsworth

  Chris Hemsworth was born in Melbourne and raised in the Australian outback. He began his acting career in 2002, making small appearances in TV shows. His big break came when he was chosen to play Kim Hyde in Home and Away, which he did for three years before moving to America to pursue a film career. He’s noted now for his portrayal of Marvel … Continue reading The Best of…Chris Hemsworth

Sing Street – Brand New Clips!

Feel good family fun; that’s what we British are great at. I mean, you can call us pessimistic and insincerely polite but when you whack our lives in front of a camera, something heavily warming comes rushing out of it. From Pride to Love Actually, Billy Elliot and more, we just love the humorous and heart-warming. So Sing Street seems to fit in with that … Continue reading Sing Street – Brand New Clips!

X-Men: Apocalypse – Brand New Stuff!

It’s a fortnight away and we’ve had tonnes of new features coming our way! Following on from Deadpool, Fox have a high bar to reach and it looks like they might be doing it with all the footage they are churning out (but, come on guys, can we just cool it?) After the events of Days of Future Past, there is something stirring within the mutant community. … Continue reading X-Men: Apocalypse – Brand New Stuff!