Southside With You – Trailer!

This trailer has already been out for over a month, so how come we’ve only just seen this?

Because we are fools. That’s why.

As we say goodbye to the best presidential couple ever (and by far the coolest) Miramax have released a brand new film, showing us the first time they had ever met. Yes, we’re talking the Obamas and Southside With You sees Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers as the acclaimed political couple.

The movie revolves around the couple’s first date and follows the phenomenal events that took place on one evening in 1989, nestled in the heart of Chicago.


With a brand new poster to accompany the trailer, and a lot of critical applause for the two leads, this could be a must-see romantic dramedy. It certainly looks to have the charmed, cool, and charged aurora that the Obamas encompass.


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