Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Brand New Trailer!

The true mark of a geek is whether or not you know of what is called in common parlance as the MST3K Mantra. It is this little phrase that helps soothe the most savage of nerds whenever they get too het up over a film or TV series, and it’s pretty useful in other situations as well. Fortunately, for those who are unaware of the … Continue reading Mystery Science Theatre 3000 – Brand New Trailer!

Aquarius – Review

The log line of Aquarius is ‘a widowed music critic makes unpleasant discoveries when she pits herself against a developer who wants to move her out of an otherwise empty apartment block in Recife, Brazil’. This doesn’t really do justice to the film, which I must warn you, has a leisurely pace and runs at 146 minutes. Not that this reviewer minded – you drink good wines slowly, savouring every drop. Continue reading Aquarius – Review

Death Note – Brand New Trailer & Clips!

Anime is an ever growing phenomenon that attracts fans from every age group and bracket. Because it is an ever growing thing, many Western film-making groups are leaping on the chance to bring it to our cinemas and TVs. Thanks to Netflix, anime’s most famed series Death Note is getting an American remake. Starring The Fault in Our Stars’ Nat Woolf, Death Note revolves around … Continue reading Death Note – Brand New Trailer & Clips!