Loving Vincent – Brand New Trailer!

Film is meant to astonish. It is meant to break beyond it’s limitations and build up our emotions in glorious visuals and compelling story-line. Loving Vincent, the first animated film told in pure oil-paintings, looks to be that film. Directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman, the film looks at the life of the brilliant but troubled artists Vincent Van Gough as well as the people … Continue reading Loving Vincent – Brand New Trailer!

Free Fire – Review

Ben Wheatley is certainly the best British director we have. He subverts genres, he produces stellar work, and he is consistent as fuck. Whether he is adapting from a cult classic novel or chasing the creation of two comedians, Wheatley knows his style and his narrative to create thriller or dark comedy that is truly magnificent. I think I introduce his movies like this quite … Continue reading Free Fire – Review