You Must Watch…Big Train (All4)

A lot of my humour comes from my Dad and the countless amount of comedy shows or films he made me watch. A finely intelligent and generous man, my Dad, with a great appreciation of the surrealist humour and silliness, my father grew me on a daily dose of Monty Python, Only Fools and Horses, and heavy doses of Hook and The Full Monty. If … Continue reading You Must Watch…Big Train (All4)

Indie-licious: She Rises – Review

There is a growing gap between independent films and studio made films. Whilst I cannot speak for the rest of the world, over here in the UK a lot of the grants that would’ve given unknown but talented film makers an opportunity to get their work made have been cut thanks in part to needless austerity cuts. Trying to get any kind of funding is … Continue reading Indie-licious: She Rises – Review

Exclusive: Goathland – C4 Random Acts Review

Short films are a wildly underappreciated art form of the industry. Whether it is cutting your teeth on film-making or crafting a full story, short films should be celebrated. They are courageously wonderful small slices of story and it is important we throw  our support behind them. Channel 4’s Random Acts is a television strand that does exactly that, only pursuing a more weirder collective … Continue reading Exclusive: Goathland – C4 Random Acts Review