You Must Watch…Death Note (Netflix)

Today horror director Adam Wingard has released his own adaptation of Death Note on Netflix.  Starring Nat Woolf and Keith Stanfield, the film revolves around an illusive and ominous notepad that, if you write the name of someone in it, they’ll die. Eep. This all veers off into a plan to kill all the criminals ever but, obviously, the mass deaths soon spark interest from … Continue reading You Must Watch…Death Note (Netflix)

Last Flag Flying – Brand New Trailer!

War is a terrible thing. Many lives are lost, and young boys never come home. It is sad that these men are wasted in often meaningless wars. Within these climates, they often form some of the strongest bonds and friendships. That is what Last Flag Flying is about. Starring Steve Carrell, Bryan Cranston, and Laurence Fishbourne, Last Flag Flying revolves around an old group of … Continue reading Last Flag Flying – Brand New Trailer!