An Ode to Paul Thomas Anderson

Who’s your favourite director? As far as difficult questions go, it’s truly up there; some people come to it very easily, others spent their whole lives never deciding, and some simply choose not to. To choose your favourite director is the same as choosing your favourite film, your favourite actor, your favourite scene, your favourite score etc. We are all spoiled for choice, and there … Continue reading An Ode to Paul Thomas Anderson

Venom – Brand New Trailer!

Venom, an often antaognist to Spider-Man, is seen as one of the most complex Marvel characters. So, luckily, we have our most complex actor to portray him. Yes, Tom Hardy is taking on the mantel of the black-suited character and we have our very first trailer. The film, directed by Ruben Fleischer, revolves around a young Eddie Brock who gets infected by an outer-space entity. … Continue reading Venom – Brand New Trailer!