You Were Never Really Here – Review

by Ren Zelen In You Were Never Really Here, her film adaption of Jonathan Ames 2013 Neo-Noir novella, Lynne Ramsay explores the themes of abuse, violence, trauma and the corruption inherent in the powerful elite. She has re-fashioned the narrative and plot without diminishing its brutal impact, and elevated what might have been a conventional revenge flick by sheer filmmaking skill. The central antihero Joe, … Continue reading You Were Never Really Here – Review

Truth or Dare – Brand New Trailer!

We all played the game. We did embarrassing things. We admitted embarrassing truths. But what if it could kill you? That’s the premise of the latest Blumhouse horror Truth or Dare. The film revolves around a couple of friends who are cursed whilst on holiday. There, they have to keep playing the titular game until. If they refuse either tasks, they die… It looks silly … Continue reading Truth or Dare – Brand New Trailer!

Christopher Robin – Brand New Trailer!

Wait, I thought we already said Goodbye to Christopher Robin?  I’m confused. Oh, that’s right, this is Disney’s chance to revisit the character. Different from Fox’s story of E.E. Milne, which saw the author create the lovable Winnie The Pooh, this latest venture sees the titular character, Christopher Robin, meet up with his favourite bear again, as an adult! With Ewan McGregor as the lead, … Continue reading Christopher Robin – Brand New Trailer!

Legion – Season 2 Trailers

Dan Stevens. Sigh. We love you. We love you in many different and possibly illegal ways. You and your blue eyes are the best, and you titillate our hearts in more ways than one. And your best work is definitely The television series is the first in X-Men lore and revolves around David Haller, a troubled young man who is struggling with his mutant powers. … Continue reading Legion – Season 2 Trailers

Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist – Brand New Trailer!

Vivienne Westwood has changed the shape of art and fashion. Her work is revered but her soul and personality is often celebrated. Pushing the boundaries of life and the world, Westwood has made her stamp on this world. With everyone who makes an impact in this lifetime, there is bound to be a movie about them. In this film by visual artist Lorna Tucker, the … Continue reading Westwood: Punk, Icon, Activist – Brand New Trailer!