You Must Watch…Nailed It! (Netflix)

I have fat fingers. I mean metaphorically, more so than literally (but, you know, if you were think literally, you are right about that too.) What I mean is that I am graceless. A bull in a china shop whose fingertips do more damage than good (except where it matters, if you know what I mean.) The frustrating thing is that I am terrible at … Continue reading You Must Watch…Nailed It! (Netflix)

The Best Of…Rooney Mara

Stoic, brooding, beautiful, and gifted. These have been many words used to describe the Academy Award nominated actress Rooney Mara. The uniquely named star has gradually become one of the best performers of our generation. Her craft has provided us with some impossibly great films that she has been the heart and soul of. Hailing from New York, Mara had soared through independent cinema and … Continue reading The Best Of…Rooney Mara

Looking Back…Force Majeure (2014)

Survival. It’s a gut instinct. You don’t know exactly how you are going to react when you are placed into an event of extreme stress because it’s down to your body and subconscious to get the hell out of there. Sure, we can pretend that we’d play a mighty hero and rescue as many people as possible before succumbing to a self-sacrificial death that make … Continue reading Looking Back…Force Majeure (2014)