The Spy Who Dumped Me – Brand New Trailer!

I adore Kate McKinnon – the Emmy award-winning SNL performer is just brilliant and Mila Kunis has come into her own as a comedic actor. So we’re excited for this team up. The Spy Who Dumped Me does what it says on the tin: A woman has to hunt down her ex with her best friend after he gets into some shady espionage! The trailer … Continue reading The Spy Who Dumped Me – Brand New Trailer!

Never Steady, Never Still – Brand New Trailer!

Shirley Henderson is one of the best actresses in the UK. She’s one that many people know but couldn’t name her. Which is a shame because she’s in Bridget Jones, Harry Potter, and Filth. Henderson is an award-winning icon and that looks to continue with Never Steady, Never Still. The film revolves around a woman who, suffering from Parkinson’s disease, has to fight for her … Continue reading Never Steady, Never Still – Brand New Trailer!

Looking Back…Pacific Rim (2013)

Guillermo del Toro is no doubt a genius. You only have to look at Pan’s Labyrinth and his Oscar winning The Shape of Water to realise that. The man is all about the artistry as well as the story, marrying the two in succinct harmony to evolve a hauntingly incredible movie. His work from the aforementioned fantastical horror, vampire romp Blade II,  to the amazing Gothic action … Continue reading Looking Back…Pacific Rim (2013)

Action Point – Brand New Trailer!

Jackass has evolved over the decades. The main star, Johnny Knoxville, has developed his particular brand of destructive humour that still stalks our screen long since Jackass has finished. His last venture Bad Grandpa saw a mischievous granddad go around causing mayhem. A spiritual successor attempts to flesh out his past. The film revolves around an ad-hoc theme park that he wants to be completely … Continue reading Action Point – Brand New Trailer!

Terminal – Brand New Trailer!

Margot Robbie is a woman poised to take over the world and that continues with the trailer for Terminal. Also starring Dexter Fletcher and Simon Pegg, the film revolves around two hit men who agree to go on a massive mission  from a mysterious employer. Only, they come across an equally enigmatic women who may have more to do with their mission than they first … Continue reading Terminal – Brand New Trailer!

Nightflyers – Brand New Trailer!

George R. R. Martin is a little known author. An indie self-publisher who just did a few small films Ahhhh of course we’re kidding, that wordsmith who kills without a thought, and murders all that’s good, is best known for his gruesome series of fantasy books turned popular series Game of Thrones. Now another one of his stories is getting adapted – Nightflyers. The film … Continue reading Nightflyers – Brand New Trailer!