You Must Watch…Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Netflix)

Every now and then, there are television shows that come along that sweep nearly everyone up into the frenzied world. Series that are heart-felt, hilarious, and honest. Shows that filter through the drudgery of life like beacons of hope, cupping your heart in their beaming world, and making you smile. Even if it was just for 20 minutes at a time. There are television shows such as Parks & Recreation or Community, that would bring you so much unbridled joy.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was one of those shows.

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Sadly, Fox have deemed it unworthy of continuing, choosing to cancel the show after five seasons, much to the dismay of countless fans across the world.

So, if there was any way of another studio picking it up, we’d have to flood them with viewers and figures. Which is why I’m here to convince the those of you who haven’t seen this show (I’m assuming you have other important things to do) to get watching.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a comedy cop procedural show starring Andy Samberg as police detective Jake Peralta. Die-Hard obsessive, lazy, and wishing his life were an action film. In the workplace, however, there are enough hijinks with an abundance of characters that populate his life including the food connoisseur and over amorous Charles Boyle, the deadpan and tough Rosa Diaz, the eccentric Gine Linetti, the hard-working Amy Santiago, and the soft but muscular Terry Jeffords. Their world is shaken when they get an uptight boss Captain Raymond Holt yet could he be the right fit for the Nine-Nine?

Yes. Yes he can. Because everyone in this show has their moment to shine and then some. The series may be filled with hoopla and whacky situations but the strives in it’s character development and how exactly this team fit into one another. The stunning writing adds depth to the hilarity and bounces with exuberance. Every actor is having the best time with their roles; giving each other room to breathe and transform with the show. Andy Samberg is an impossibly charming lead but it really is everyone’s efforts that craft it into an impossibly delightful show. An impeccably ensemble.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine is the perfect balance of silliness and street smarts. It knows how to work a scene with amounting tension or sugar your soul with sweet sentiment. This is one of the shows that’ll spark within you. It’s diverse – filled with POC and LGBT characters that share the screen simply because they are. It’s progressive and powerful, a highlighted episode is when Terry gets stopped by a police officer and the show intricate depicts racism within the force, as well as the effect it has on Terry as well as Captain Holt. There’s also an arc where Rosa comes out as bisexual. This visibility makes the series that much more impactful for fans worldwide.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most brilliant shows around, with side-splitting cold opens, fantastic character development, and absolutely great story-lines.

So Fox, TELL ME WHY…..

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is available to watch on Netflix. 

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