The Children Act – Brand New Trailer!

Stanley Tucci and Emma Thompson play a married couple in moving drama The Children Act. Oh, sorry, do you want more than that delicious and exciting pairing? OK. Based on a book by Ian McEwan (Atonement, On Chesil Beach,) The Children Act revolves around a judge who has to decided on a case of a young man who needs a blood transfusion but his parents … Continue reading The Children Act – Brand New Trailer!

The Little Stranger – Brand New Trailer!

Lenny Abrahamson reunites with Domnhall Gleeson (who he worked with on Frank) on the sinister yet devilishly exciting ghostly chiller The Little Stranger.  The film revolves around a doctor who revists an allusive manor house prominant in his mind to take care for a shell-shocked patient. With Charlotte Rampling, Ruth Wilson, and Will Poulter in tow (and the trailer already containing one of the best bits … Continue reading The Little Stranger – Brand New Trailer!

Loveless – Review

How can a mother stop loving her child? Let’s imagine. The child is born, a miracle: fingers, toes, senses – all. Green poop? Let’s forget about the first excretion. The babe takes milk – ouch, steady. The crying, the nappy changes, the feeding – can someone please help? The father dotes but has to go to work. The child’s grandmother is severe in disapproval. She … Continue reading Loveless – Review

Black Panther – Review

Momentous films don’t come around that often. Sure. You have your big films, you have your game-changers, and you have your big blockbusters. But momentous? That’s saved for truly special films such as Star Wars or Psycho. Movies that bound into our lives and change our whole existence. This may happen on a smaller scale for your intimate personal films but only a few can … Continue reading Black Panther – Review