Teen Titans Go! To The Movies – Review

by Charlotte Harrison I didn’t think I’d enjoy it quite as much as I did. Based on the promo materials and the trailer, I thought I’d be going to see something fun, albeit light-weighted and unsubstantial. However, whilst the film is light-hearted it doesn’t float away as it’s so well made. It’s clear that the folks behind it know their stuff when it comes to … Continue reading Teen Titans Go! To The Movies – Review

Sicilian Ghost Story – Review

by Ren Zelen  In Sicilian Ghost Story – their follow-up to 2013’s prize-winner Salvo – co-directors Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Piazza evocatively interweave the richness of a dark fairy tale with the brutal reality of a true event – the abduction of a child. The film is based on the kidnapping of 12-year-old Giuseppe Di Matteo in 1993. He was held prisoner by the Sicilian … Continue reading Sicilian Ghost Story – Review

The Escape – Film Review

Over the course of two decades of film and television work, writer-director Dominic Savage has perfected a form of improvised cinema. It begins with an idea in which the actors work with the director in exploring the options. Savage’s collaboration with Gemma Arterton, who has three careers in Hollywood (Clash of the Titans, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters), Britain (Quantum of Solace, Made in Dagenham, … Continue reading The Escape – Film Review

Apostasy – Review

by Charlotte Harrison A personal film is a powerful film. That’s the case for Apostasy, the debut feature from director Daniel Kokotajilo. He was raised as a Jehvoah’s Witness, attending his last meeting during his early twenties; the Christian sect is the focus of his film, albeit on a micro scale. It focuses on a family of three – a mother, Ivanna, (Siobhan Finneran) and … Continue reading Apostasy – Review

A Teachable Moment – Short Film Review

Occasionally, your darling precious children will go down the wrong route. Not saying they will, but certainly the allure of being totally and completely naughty could set them off on a horrible path that would see them as degenerates; low-lives behind bars that have smashed all their prospects like the window of the car they’ve just stolen. At some point, a crook will be found … Continue reading A Teachable Moment – Short Film Review

My Friend Dahmer – Review

When it comes to serial killers, we tend to romanticize them in the sense that we see them as monsters: Detached from our own humanity and society, so we can feel better about ourselves. It’s shocking to discover these people lived normal lives and had normal relationships. Because knowing there could be a killer in your midst is terrifying. This is looked at in Marc … Continue reading My Friend Dahmer – Review