Wreck-It Ralph – Special Preview Footage

Why are we so obsessed with sequels? There must be a reason. It can’t just be Hollywood churning these out for the sake of it because audiences are being driven into the cinemas to see shoddy franchises such as Fast and Furious. The movies are still making big-bucks so there is an equilibrrium  of nonsense going on that sees good movies turn into average trilogies … Continue reading Wreck-It Ralph – Special Preview Footage

The Favourite – Brand New Trailer!

Yorgos Lanthimos has delivered some spectacular movies. From The Lobster to Dogtooth. Lanthimos is the dark comedy director digging into the grit beneath our world. Now he unites Emma Stone, Olivia Coleman, and Rachel Weisz in this spectacular period romp.  It revolves around Queen Anne and two cousins who vie for her attention. This looks to be a brilliant black comedy film from some of … Continue reading The Favourite – Brand New Trailer!

A Wrinkle In Time – Review

When it comes to non-franchised material and adaptations, Disney has too-often faulted. Their live-action movies just aren’t shaping up to what they used to be. Once a powerhouse that crafted Bedknobs and Broomsticks and Mary Poppins, we are now left with The Lone Ranger and John Carter. The only successes they’ve found are with bought materials such as Marvel and Star Wars and the occasional … Continue reading A Wrinkle In Time – Review

Red Sparrow – Review

Jennifer Lawrence is a formidable actress that has been largely associated with her Young Adult roles and questionable controversies of the screen, leading us to forget that she is actually a tour-de-force on the big screen. Though her work lately has polarised people with the space soap opera Passengers and the mind-melting Aronosfky production mother!, she will always meet each role with absolute gusto, charm, … Continue reading Red Sparrow – Review