Big Bad Fox – Brand New Trailer!

We love animation here at Movies On Weekends. So we’re excited for this quirky entry for The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales!   From the team who brought us Ernest and Celine, the film revolves around animal vignettes as a stork leaves a pig, a duck, and a rabbit in the care of our titular character. Genuinely looking like a lot of fun, we’re completely … Continue reading Big Bad Fox – Brand New Trailer!

Overlord – Brand New Trailer!

Hey, you want to watch a film with zombie Nazis, right? Sure you do. Here’s your chance! Overlord revolves around a group of soldiers in WW2 who realise that there is something more going on with a Nazi occupied village. (Psst, it’s zombie Nazis.) This intense trailer certainly looks intriguing. What do you think? Overlord is out November 7  Continue reading Overlord – Brand New Trailer!

Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football – Brand New Trailer!

Sometimes you work hard to get things. Somethings you play elaborate schemes and games to achieve. Much like the subject of Kaiser.  The documentary revolves around Carlos Henrique Raposo, a man who convinced superstars, duped managers, and fooled criminals to trick people to believing he was a genuine sports star. This film looks fascinating and definitely worth a look. What do you think? Kaiser is out … Continue reading Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football – Brand New Trailer!

Assassination Nation – Brand New Trailer!

What would happen if everything on your phone or computer leaked? What if your neighbour new your porn history? What if your mother could see your sexts? That’s what happens in this next film. Assassination Nation revolves around a small town where everyone’s private lives are hacked and shared, causing them to descend into chaos. Feeling like Heathers 2.0, Assassination Nation looks to be a … Continue reading Assassination Nation – Brand New Trailer!

The Receptionist – Review

by Kirsty Jones Jenny Lu makes her feature directorial debut with The Receptionist, and places a spotlight on the heartbreaking and often desperate circumstances of those working in an illegal massage parlour in London. A film that was made possible through the support of her kickstarter backers. Recently graduated and unable to find a job, Tina has landed on hard times and feels the burden … Continue reading The Receptionist – Review