My Friend Dahmer – Review

When it comes to serial killers, we tend to romanticize them in the sense that we see them as monsters: Detached from our own humanity and society, so we can feel better about ourselves. It’s shocking to discover these people lived normal lives and had normal relationships. Because knowing there could be a killer in your midst is terrifying. This is looked at in Marc … Continue reading My Friend Dahmer – Review

Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review

by James and Ava Van Dyke Pacific Rim is one of the most polarising action films. Directed by Del Toro, the original saw humanity create battling robots named Jaegers in order to defend the world from Kaiju aliens invading. The film has many detractors, often citing boredom or silliness as their reasons for criticism, but here at We Make Movies On Weekends, we adore the … Continue reading Pacific Rim: Uprising – Review