BFI London Film Festival 2018 – Programme

You know won Christmas day when you are awake at like five and you’re trying to keep quiet as to not wake the house. Yet the excitement is bursting within you and the minute your parents switch on the lights you bound down the stairs eager to tear into your amazing present and oh my gosh you have the bike you really wanted and it … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival 2018 – Programme

Yardie – Review

When actors become directors, there are many ways in which they can go. OK. So, not many different ways, only two: Good or bad. Yikes. There are some who accomplish great works with their impressive movies such as Robert Mitchum’s The Night of the Hunter or Zac Braff’s The Garden State. Then there are a lot that just don’t seem to work out like Nicolas … Continue reading Yardie – Review

Ben is Back – Brand New Trailer!

This is not the movie we were expecting with the first teaser. What looked to be an epic drama has turned into a proper thriller and we’re intrigued! Ben is Back basically revolves around a son returning home but could there be something more sinister going on. Starring Lucas Hedges and Julia Roberts, this is certainly an enticing treat. What do you think?   Ben … Continue reading Ben is Back – Brand New Trailer!