The Kindergarten Teacher – Brand New Trailer!

Maggie Gyllenhaal has produced some great films and the trailer for The Kindergarten Teacher.  A remake of an Israeli drama, this movie revolves around the titular character as she becomes obsessed with one of her artistically gifted students. The movie looks incredibly dark, terribly witty, and right up our alley. Whilst Netflix releasing this film does mean more people will see it, it’s sadly that … Continue reading The Kindergarten Teacher – Brand New Trailer!

Sunset – Brand New Trailer!

Son of Saul was one of best films of recent years. Luckily, director  László Nemes returns with the stirring looking drama Sunset.  The film revolves around a young woman who arrives at Budapest hoping to unlock secrets from her past. This looks to be a vivid and lush drama with a phenomenal performance by Juli Jakab.  What do you think? Sunset is out later this year!  Continue reading Sunset – Brand New Trailer!

Farenheit 11/9 – Brand New Trailer!

Michael Moore has been a pretty powerful documentary filmmaker for a long time and now, of course, he’s taking a stab at Trump. This film takes a comedic and provocative look at how the fuck we ended up in the situation we are in and how the fuck can we get out? Fahrenheit 11/9 is certainly looking to be an amazing documentary. What do you … Continue reading Farenheit 11/9 – Brand New Trailer!

Slaughterhouse Rulez – Brand New Trailer!

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost really made themselves a household name with comedy-horror Shaun of the Dead. Now they return to the genre with this latest film. Slaughterhouse Rulez revolves around a school whose grounds are on the opening to hell. This looks quite cheesy but could be a lot of fun . What do you think? Slaughterhouse Rulez is out Halloween  Continue reading Slaughterhouse Rulez – Brand New Trailer!

The Rise of Olivia Cooke

Plastered all over your screens this week is none other than home grown hero Olivia Cooke, who’s chasing easter eggs in Ready Player One and getting up to sinister acts in Thoroughbreds, so what better time to take a look at this star in the making, why she’s got big things coming, and her breakthrough film performance. Born and raised in Oldham, Manchester, Cooke started acting young in local … Continue reading The Rise of Olivia Cooke