What Men Want – Brand New Trailer!

Back in the 90s, What Women Want granted Mel Gibson the power to read the mid of women. Now we have the reverse. Only now it’s Taraji P. Henson. The film revolves around an executive who is denied a promotion at her workplace which is mainly run by men. By some kind of magic, she is now able to hear men’s thoughts. But what would … Continue reading What Men Want – Brand New Trailer!

Climax – Brand New Trailer!

Gaspar Noé has been one of our most controversial directors, crafting some classics such as Enter the Void, I Stand Alone, and Love. But we’re so excited for Climax. Starring Sofia Boutella, the film revolves around a dance party that goes array. It’s been called “brilliantly derranged” so we’re very excited. What do you think? Climax is out soon. Continue reading Climax – Brand New Trailer!