The King – Trailer & Clips

Forty years after The King of Rock N Roll’s death, Elvis Presley’s music and influence are still heavily felt. The hansom, brooding man with his guitar who presented Rock music to young masses, is one of America’s most iconic images. In new documentary The King filmmaker Eugene Jarecki rides across America in a Rolls Royce, owned by Elvis himself. He interviews people from now, and … Continue reading The King – Trailer & Clips


The first Trailer for Alfonso Cuarón Roma is here. His first project since the award winning Gravity, the film centres on Cleo (Yalitza Aparicio), a domestic worker in 1970’s Mexico. Working for a middle-class family, the film explores the social hierarchy domestic workers must face. As well as the hardships of domestic life, Roma is set against a time of political and social upheaval. The director, famed … Continue reading ROMA-Trailer

BlackkKlansman – Review

There is no doubt Spike Lee is a great director. His works have constantly examined race, poverty, class and criminality in a raw and direct manner. Films like Do the Right Thing and Malcolm X, not only highlight people of colours experience on-screen, but they also helped launch the careers of many prominent African-American actors. Sadly of late, Lee’s work has lacked the flair and … Continue reading BlackkKlansman – Review