Beetlejuice – 30 Years On…

In film lore, you can say Candyman five times in a mirror to summon the murderous vengeful spirt. You can say Bloody Mary five times and spin around to summon a wicked banshee. Or you can forget all the spooky crap, say Beetlejuice three times and call the funniest, most unruly ghost the underworld ever produced. Beetlejuice is the 1988 supernatural comedy directed by Tim … Continue reading Beetlejuice – 30 Years On…

Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack’s Mid-Life Crisis

Christmas movies change when you grow-up. When you are younger, you are immersed in all the glorious festivities. The bright lights, the colours, the mysteries of Father Christmas, and generous gifts from loved ones. It’s all about the children and the spirit of the holidays that they keep alive in unbridled innocence. When you are that age, it’s magical and mystifying as are the films … Continue reading Nightmare Before Christmas – Jack’s Mid-Life Crisis

Sicario 2: Soldado – Review

There are films out there that beg for a sequel. One’s that need a continuation of the story. Whilst we may be in an age of yawn-worthy, unnecessary sequels that go on and on and on, sometimes there are tales we need more of. Star Wars, Toy Story, The Godfather (1 and 2 and then stop,) these are famed examples of trilogies and movies where … Continue reading Sicario 2: Soldado – Review

Vox Lux – Brrand New Trailer!

Darkly rich portraits of celebrities have always tickled our fancy and we’re excited  to see Natalie Portman sink her teeth into Vox Lux. The film revolves around the rise of famed  (and fake) pop-star Celeste. Directed by Brady Corbet, who also directed The Childhood of a Leader, this looks to be a thrilling film. What do you think? Vox Lux is out later this year!  Continue reading Vox Lux – Brrand New Trailer!

The Guilty – Review

No self-respecting film reviewer should say too much about the police thriller, The Guilty. How then can I encourage you to see it? I can point to the compelling central performance by Jakob Cedergren as Asger Holm, a Copenhagen police officer restricted to desk duty following the fatal shooting of a suspect. Cedergren is on screen throughout – literally – and he commands your attention … Continue reading The Guilty – Review

The Hate U Give – Review

In a marketing move that went awry, the American police shooting drama, The Hate U Give inspired mass walkouts at ‘Cineworld Unlimited’ Surprise Preview screenings across the UK on 8 October. The last Cineworld Unlimited screening was The Incredibles 2 so audiences were primed for a tentpole release. Fearing it might be the new Hallowe’en movie anxious parents contacted Cineworld sites to ask whether their … Continue reading The Hate U Give – Review