Sink – Review

When people think of dramas centred around the working class in Britain, you think of EastEnders, gangster flicks, or kitchen sink dramas. The varying interpretations of working class people on TV and film range from gritty and naturalistic, to stylized and extreme. With new film Sink, director Mark Gillis takes his drama back to the more natural, if darker side of the spectrum. Focusing on … Continue reading Sink – Review

Widows – Review

There are certain projects out there that sell you on first announcement. Widows is one of them. Steve McQueen as director? Check. Gillian Flynn as co-writer? Check. Han Zimmer writing the score? Check. Viola Davis, Elizabeth Debicki, and Michelle Rodriguez as lead characters? Check. Check. Check. We were already sold for Widows but how does it far against those expectations? Based on a book by … Continue reading Widows – Review

First Man – Review

The opening of First Man is shaky – very, very shaky. It is 1961. Test pilot Neil Armstrong (Ryan Gosling) is in flight, as close to the stratosphere as he can get. His plane’s instruments are vibrating. It’s not just Neil’s job to guide the plane down – it is necessary for his survival. However, he isn’t gripped by a sense of panic; it is … Continue reading First Man – Review

The Nightmare Before Christmas – 25 Years On

Tim Burton used to work for Disney (and was kicked out after his Frankenweenie live action short) and this movie was considered so “dark and scary” for children that Disney were really afraid of putting their name on it and decided to hide it under the Touchstone name. It was also giving an extremely low budget so when people say it was a “commercial” success; … Continue reading The Nightmare Before Christmas – 25 Years On