London Korean Film Festival 2018: This Charming Girl – Review

There is something to be said for films that focus on everyday life. There are no large explosions, dance numbers or gun fights. The couple might not end up together at the end, the protagonist doesn’t always win and life will continue on in the same way that it does for all of us. But, watching a film that focuses in on the minutea of … Continue reading London Korean Film Festival 2018: This Charming Girl – Review

BAFTA Screenwriter’s Lectures 2018

Do you want to be a budding writer? Have you ever wanted to pen for film? Why not listen to the experts? Created by BAFTA award-winning screenwriter Jeremy Brock, the Screenwrtiers’ Lecture Series celebrates nine years and is certainly bringing you it’s best yet. This series takes established filmmakers and talent to give insights from their careers, imparting wisdom on  The series is supported by … Continue reading BAFTA Screenwriter’s Lectures 2018

Sherlock Gnomes – Review

Have you ever admired an actors ability so much that you’ll watch anything they are in? Anything. For some reason, there is a gratification button that flashes read every time you remotely enjoy a thing and/or person, and it spirals you out of control. If you’ve never experienced this with an actor, think about a soap you love, a sport, perhaps, or simply something that … Continue reading Sherlock Gnomes – Review