Close – Brand New Trailer!

Noomi Rapace is one of our most gifted actresses  and we’re excited about her next projects. Close revolves around the world’s leading female bodyguard who takes on the job of looking after a young and rich heiress. However, the pair wind up on the run after a kidnapping attempt. The film looks good with a heartening female friendship at the centre of it. What do … Continue reading Close – Brand New Trailer!

Venom – Review

by Chris Rogers  Here is Sony Pictures’ second attempt to build a Marvel universe to rival Disney’s (stop laughing, they’re deadly serious). Venom – seemingly dumped on our world from a rip in the space-time continuum splicing the year 2005 with the present day – sits comfortably alongside the likes of Elektra, Ghost Rider and Daredevil. Grimdark pretentions? Check. Positioning of protagonist as edgy antihero? Check. Ludicrous rubber costumes? I wish. Star … Continue reading Venom – Review