Searching – Review

Screened at Sundance, thriller Searching presents a tense tale of a father searching for his daughter. A concept we are all familiar with and possibly one that’s been done to death, but director Aneesh Chaganty makes the decision to tell this story completely through the many faces of technology. Relying on technology to solely drive the narrative can be risky business. As technology has evolved, we … Continue reading Searching – Review

Golden Globes Film Awards 2019 – Winners!

The Golden Globe Awards have always been full of contrition. From its own genre split (Drama and Comedy,) to its audacious nominations, the award ceremony – seen as a major step towards an Academy Award – has been provocative at best.  Last night was no different, and whilst there were deserving winners, there has been a dark cloud cast over the industry. The awards were … Continue reading Golden Globes Film Awards 2019 – Winners!