The Hole in the Ground – Brand New Trailer!

We love a good horror and The Hole in the Ground looks absolutely terrifying. The film, based on short Ghost Train by director Lee Cronin, revolves around Sarah who is trying to build her life in a rural town with her son Chris. When an accident happens in the woods, Sarah finds her son asking peculiarly as well as a large sink hole emerging to … Continue reading The Hole in the Ground – Brand New Trailer!

High Flying Bird – Brand New Trailer!

Steven Soderbergh and his so-called retirement has been enjoying some pretty impressive films. Now he heads to Netflix with his latest venture, High Flying Bird.  The film, shot enitrely on iPhone again, revolves around a sports agent who finds himself in the middle of a face-off between the league and the players. With Andre Hollandd, Zazie Beats, and Melvin Grigg, this looks to be an … Continue reading High Flying Bird – Brand New Trailer!

A Simple Favour – Review

Paul Feig has made a name for himself producing and directing mostly female led comedies. Acclaimed hits such as Spy and Bridesmaids made it clear that this was a quick-witted man who could craft hilarious movies for everyone to enjoy. Despite gaining so much heat from the severely underrated Ghostbusters movie, Feig is still an accomplished director with an eye on how female dynamics works. … Continue reading A Simple Favour – Review

Crazy Rich Asians – Review

by Ren Zelen Having spent twelve years of my life in Hong Kong and Singapore and having heard the buzz around Crazy Rich Asians, I was ready to see the film. If the reaction of the audience at the preview is anything to go by the film is a crowd pleaser. The predominantly Asian audience greeted the cast members present for an introduction and Q&A … Continue reading Crazy Rich Asians – Review

The Children Act – Review

There have been a lot of movies lately about religion and how religion can sway someone into doing the wrong thing. Similarly to recent drama Apostasy, The Children Act looks at Jehovah’s Witnesses and how their beliefs can nearly kill. Directed by Richard Eyre and based on a book by Ian McEwan, The Children Act revolves around Judge Fiona Maye who has been swamped with … Continue reading The Children Act – Review