Second Act – Review

It is some time since Jennifer Lopez headlined a crowd pleasing Hollywood comedy. But you glance at the poster for Second Act and there’s nothing on it that suggests 2019. Indeed, it looks like a film released ten years ago. You might find yourself asking, ‘have I seen this already?’ On the face of it, you have. Back in 1988, Melanie Griffith was sandwiched between … Continue reading Second Act – Review

91st Academy Awards 2019 – Nominations!

Academy Award nominations come every year and each year, we’re surprised by this year’s nominations. It feels exciting but in that bad way where your chasing your baby’s pram down a flight of stairs whilst there’s an almighty shoot out going on. Roma and The Favourite lead the back with 10 Oscar nominations, Vice, Green Book, and A Star is Born is following close behind … Continue reading 91st Academy Awards 2019 – Nominations!