Reign of the Supermen – Review

There’s a whole world of Superhero movies you probably haven’t heard of and that’s the DC animated series. The cartoon movies immortalised DC’s greatest heroes such as Batman and Superman in some pretty impressive outings such as The Mask of the Phantasm and more. More versed comic fans enjoy these outings regularly and some iconic voice work has been at play in these brilliant movies. … Continue reading Reign of the Supermen – Review

BAFTA – Believe You Will Trailer

There is nothing we love more than a movie montage and a celebration of movies ! From Sally Potter to Daniel Kaluuya, listen to your favourite filmmakers talk about how much the BAFTAs mean to them and it really makes us excited for the upcoming ceremony. The full list of nominees can be found at BAFTA.  EE BAFTA Film Awards are announced 10th February. Continue reading BAFTA – Believe You Will Trailer