Aladdin – Brand New Trailer!

Disney’s live action remakes have become tiring. We’re so tired. And done. Stop this now. The latest venture, coming out in May, is Guy Ritchies Aladdin. The film revolves around a street urchin who finds a lamp that grants him three wishes. With a very, very, very, blue Will Smith, this looks like Disney has gone one step too far. What do you think?   … Continue reading Aladdin – Brand New Trailer!

A Star is Born – Review

The story of a waning pop or rock-star crippled by mental health issue is a tale that have been told many, many times. In fact, A Star is Born, the debut feature by Bradley Cooper, has had three remakes since the first 1937. Whilst the original focused on actors, its subsequent sequels have been re-told with musicians. We’re obsessed with scrappy under-dogs raising to fame … Continue reading A Star is Born – Review