The Souvenir – Brand New Trailer!

Joanna Hogg has been one of Britain’s gifted directors telling gorgeous, heartfelt stories. She now returns with what could be her best work yet. Starring Tilda Swinton and her daughter Honor Swinton Byrne, The Souvenir tells the story of a young film student who becomes attached to an untrustworthy suitor. With high praise coming from film festivals such as Sundance and Berlinale, this looks to … Continue reading The Souvenir – Brand New Trailer!

Shaft – Brand New Trailer!

Who’s the guy returning in yet another movie outing? That’s right…SHAFT! When his best friend dies, John Shaft Jr, an FBI cyber security expert enlists  the help of his of his father, legendary cop John Shaft II. Starring Jessie T Usher, Smauel L. Jackson, and Richard Roundtree, this looks brilliantly ridiculous and we’re excited to see three generations of Shaft walk the streets of New … Continue reading Shaft – Brand New Trailer!

Long Shot – Brand New Trailer!

We do love Seth Rogen here and we’re even more excited to see him paired off with Charlize Theron. The Long Shot revolves around a journalist who finds himself as an intergral cog to a woman’s quest to be the first female president. This looks sweet and we think Rogan and Theron have bouts of chemistry just from the trailer. What do you think? The … Continue reading Long Shot – Brand New Trailer!

The Dirt – Brand New Trailer!

The one thing crazier than their music….was their private lives. Or something something to that affect. That’s right – yet another biographical movie about a classic rock band/artist is coming out and it, unsurprisingly, looks like every other biopic out there. The Dirt revolves around Motley Crue and all their on-stage and off-stage antics. Yep – it looks alright for a Sunday watch. What do … Continue reading The Dirt – Brand New Trailer!

Road to the Oscars: Worst Speeches

Winning an Academy Award is a great honour. The highest award bestowed from the film industry and a moment where the world is watching you. After receiving nominations, doing interviews and arriving on the night all that is left is for the winning to accept the great award and give a speech. Theses few words should immortalise you in the eyes of your peers but … Continue reading Road to the Oscars: Worst Speeches

Cold Pursuit – Review

Favour for Liam Neeson has definitely taken a turn since he announced he once tried to take revenge on any black man back a couple of decades ago. Since his “outburst,” many have been debating his words. In the midst of all the mayhem, his brand new – awkward – revenge thriller Cold Pursuit comes out which is probably the most insane movie he’s released … Continue reading Cold Pursuit – Review