Under the Silver Lake – Review

When you craft a really impeccable first film, there is a lot of pressure to provide an equally great second film. Some directors take this in their stride.  Jordan Peele, for example, after winning an Academy Award for Get Out, followed up with the horrifying Us. Barry Jenkins’ crafted the superb Moonlight then his next movie was the phenomenal If Beale Street Could Talk. Some … Continue reading Under the Silver Lake – Review

Fisherman’s Friends – Review

The underdogs have always been a staple of British cinema. From the clumsy Bridget Jones’ Diary to Dexter Fletcher’s Eddie the Eagle, we just love to root for the outsider. Heck, even the brilliant The Fully Monty saw a bunch of ragtag men jubilantly take their clothes off to Tom Jones’ You Can Leave Your Hat On (and you will always cry, always.) Anyway, maybe … Continue reading Fisherman’s Friends – Review

Booksmart – Brand New Trailer!

Olivia Wilde is making her directorial debut with the fantastic Booksmart. Starring Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever, it stars as two smart and hard-working girls who regret not having any fun whilst pursuing their academic careers. Now before graduation they aim to do all the things they’ve denied themselves. This looks amazing and cannot stop laughing. The chemistry and jokes look brilliant and it has … Continue reading Booksmart – Brand New Trailer!

7 Great Films Written By Women

Women! We love women. We especially love women behind the camera. Ladies telling stories, promoting their talents, bringing stories to the big screen. There is nothing better than a woman screenwriter. So  we’re taking a look at some fantastic films written by female screenwriters. Sense and Sensibility (1995) – Emma Thompson We may know Thompson as an incredible actress, but she is also an Academy … Continue reading 7 Great Films Written By Women