Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Review

I know exactly what you are thinking: Do we really need more Spider-Man movies? That question came along when young Tom Holland took on the mantel for last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. In fact, the question came along when Andrew Garfield led the Amazing reboots back in 2012. (Actually, we were pondering the importance of Spider-Man back when the abysmal third film happened and Peter Parker … Continue reading Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse – Review

Gemini Man – Brand New Trailer!

Ang Lee is one of our most accomplished directors who is best known for his Academy Award winner Life of Pi and Brokeback Mountain. Now he returns with Will Smith clone drama Gemini Man. The film revolves around an elite assassin who has a mysterious young operative predicting his every move. With allusions to Looper, this does still look interesting. What do you think? Gemini … Continue reading Gemini Man – Brand New Trailer!

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – 40 Years On…

When it comes to splitting Monty Python fans, you have a couple of choices. On one hand you have people who deem The Holy Grail the best of the movies, the other Life Of Brian (And that odd one who prefers Meaning Of Life. Yes, I am talking to you.) Well, I am here to settle all of that. If you haven’t guess already by … Continue reading Monty Python’s Life of Brian – 40 Years On…

Madeline’s Madeline – Brand New Trailer!

There are some films that take your breath-away. That’s Madeline’s Madeline.  Madeline’s Madeline revolves around the titular character who is stuck between allegience with her mother and a drama teacher who believes in her talent. Directed by Josephine Decker, this is an unmissable film! What do you think? Madeline’s Madeline hits MUBI and Cinemas 10th May!  Continue reading Madeline’s Madeline – Brand New Trailer!

Dragged Across Concrete – Review

by Tom Beasley  The oeuvre of S. Craig Zahler is defined by a number of characteristics. His films are extremely violent, from the caved-in skulls of Brawl in Cell Block 99 to that one scene towards the end of Bone Tomahawk that immediately induced a thousand yard stare in everyone who saw it. Crucially, though, Zahler’s movies also take their time. They deal in bloodshed, … Continue reading Dragged Across Concrete – Review