Blinded By The Light – Brand New Trailer!

Music can change, inspire, and evolve someone to the person. That’s the story in the glorious Blinded by the Light!  Based on the memoirs of Sarfraz Manzoor’s, the film revolves around a teenager who finds his own voice through the words and music of Bruce Springsteen. The trailer starts out quite uninteresting but when the music and the fantasy hits, it becomes terrific and is … Continue reading Blinded By The Light – Brand New Trailer!

Destroyer – Review

Nicole Kidman has had a long history of transforming in her roles. From her Academy Award winning performance in Hours saw her wear a crooked prosthetic nose to her scruffy look for The Paperboy, Look at her gaunt and sunken face in the brittle Destroyer, it looks as though Kidman goes to great lengths for this gritty thriller. Directed by Karyn Kusama, who also gave … Continue reading Destroyer – Review