The King’s Man – Brand New Trailer

Matthew Vaughn’s action escapade about a very British brand of spies has proved extremely popular and catapulted Taron Egerton into superstar-dom. It’s sequel, The Golden Circle proved less effective yet still left fans gagging for more of Eggsy and he’s merry band of suited and booted friends. Sadly, due to scheduling conflict, Egerton won’t return and instead we’ve got a whole prequel. Led by Harris … Continue reading The King’s Man – Brand New Trailer

Captain Marvel – Review

We’ve been heavily anticipating Captain Marvel since they announced the hero’s involvement in The Avengers series. When we saw her insignia flash on Nick Fury’s pager as he faded to dust, we were fully prepared to dive into a whole new superhero origin story. Now she’s here and she is burning bright in every sense of the world. Set in 1995, Captain Marvel revolves around … Continue reading Captain Marvel – Review

Border – Review

Fairy-tales.. They have seeped throughout time and history. Chattered imagination has been whispered in bed-time stories and campfire horrors. For centuries with been spooked by spectres, haunted by horrors, and frightened by fantasies. In Scandinavia, adults and children have been particularly terrified by their own particular historical creatures. Creatures which Ali Abbasi has spun into a glorious modern yarn. Border revolves around Tina, a woman … Continue reading Border – Review

Everybody Knows (Todos lo Saben) – Review

by Coralie Bizien Everybody Knows (Todos lo Saben) starts with the metronome sound of a clock mechanism. The introduction send us into the heart of a church bell tower, between darkness and sunlight, while a bird is trapped in a space where it cannot find this way out…. Laura (Penélope Cruz) returns in Spain with her two children, for the wedding of one of her … Continue reading Everybody Knows (Todos lo Saben) – Review