Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

It’s not quite Halloween yet but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to feel this seasons chills. The run up to the most wonderful of Holidays, (yeah bite me Christmas) is filled with horrors and thrillers aimed to make audience’s fly from their seats. The latest instalment of scares comes in the form of Alvin Schwartz adaptation, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The … Continue reading Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

Here Comes Hell – Frightfest 2019 Review

A pre-film announcement, very in-keeping with the period setting Here Comes Hell is going for, tells us that anyone with a nervous exposition should look away. Escape whilst you still can because the horrors are going to shock and alarm you. The curtain opens, the acts begin, and we are sent into chillingly and silly horror film. Set in 1930s, Here Comes Hell revolves around … Continue reading Here Comes Hell – Frightfest 2019 Review

I Trapped The Devil – Frightfest 2019 Review

The greatest horror films deal with our own psychological troubles. It is a classic trope, really: Am I actually seeing this hideous monster or am I going completely mad? The twist of this story has created some masterful pieces of work – especially when you aren’t aware that our hero is slightly deranged state. From Rosemary’s Baby to Switchblade Romance, horror has always relied on … Continue reading I Trapped The Devil – Frightfest 2019 Review

Feedback – Frightfest 2019 Review

Eddie Marsan is one of our greatest treasures.  He is a performer who has been brilliant in everything that he does from the villainous (Tyrannosaur, Deadpool 2) to the wimpy and somewhat kind-hearted (Filth, The World’s End.) Marsan can be twisted and turbulent but never anything less than stellar, making a mark in whatever production he is in. In fact, Marsan is so phenomenal that … Continue reading Feedback – Frightfest 2019 Review

Extracurricular – Frightfest 2019 Review

Unlikeable characters are wonderful. The anti-hero who has killed a multitude of people yet has a secret heart of gold always win over the almighty hero or villain. Those type of villains that grapple with consequence and demons. Anti-heroes are on the rise in cinema from Travis Bickle to Bruce Robertson in Filth. This even includes blockbuster hits such as John Wick, Thor: Ragnarok, and … Continue reading Extracurricular – Frightfest 2019 Review