Dating Amber – Review

There has been a happy surge of queer coming of age movies. Telling teenager LGBT stories with a light-heartedness such as Love Simon or Alex Strangelove is an important experience. Added to that roster is the charming Dating Amber. Directed by David Freyne, Dating Amber is a coming of age Irish comedy from David Freyne. Set in the 90s (our latest era to exhaust post … Continue reading Dating Amber – Review

20 Black Directed Films to Watch

America and the world has been shocked by the brutal and unjust death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police. Protests across the globe have been going on for over a week and millions online are pouring their support for Black Lives Matter. It’s hard to know what to do beyond protesting, especially as it is difficult during the COVID-19 pandemic that we … Continue reading 20 Black Directed Films to Watch