‘I’m Coming With You’ – Friendship and Fellowship in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

by Jordan King 2020 was a rough one wasn’t it? Globally, the COVID-19 Pandemic ravaged societies, bringing communities to their knees, businesses to the brink, economies into recessions, and most heartachingly rivening families and friends in their times of most desperate need. Personally, this writer has felt the rippling effects of the pandemic brutally. I lost a child and couldn’t be there to hold my … Continue reading ‘I’m Coming With You’ – Friendship and Fellowship in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Marvelous and the Black Hole – Sundance 2021 Review

by Jordan King Marvelous and the Black Hole, written and directed by Kate Tsang, is a lovely curtain closer on my time with the Sundance Film Festival this year and the sort of film that feels perfectly pitched for family film nights the world over when it becomes widely available. Sammy (Miya Cech) is thirteen years old. Having lost her mother a few years ago, … Continue reading Marvelous and the Black Hole – Sundance 2021 Review

Land – Sundance 2021 Review

by Jordan King In our present captive state of lockdowns and curfews, the urge to get away and escape is never far from our minds. In the year since the COVID-19 outbreak began, many of us have sought comfort and solace in both the news of the natural world showing signs of self-restoration in our absence, and in the hope that soon we may find … Continue reading Land – Sundance 2021 Review

A Nightmare Wakes – Review

In 1818, Mary Shelley birthed a monster. A monster who thus created the entire science fiction genre. A monster that would go onto spawn countless stage productions, film adaptations, and television series. A monster that spiralled into debate and religious interpretation, as countless scholars and fans attempted to dissect this beast of a novel. A monster who, in his own story, crafted a monster of … Continue reading A Nightmare Wakes – Review

Rams – Review

by Chris Connor 2015’s Rams was a surprise hit for Icelandic cinema, winning high levels of acclaim. The film focused on a pair of sheep farming brothers in the Nordic wilderness.   Australian director Jeremy Sims has transported the story from frozen Iceland to scorching Australia and added doses of comedy to the original film’s bleak tone. As with the original Icelandic film, Rams follows a … Continue reading Rams – Review