Sweetheart – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

The crashing of grey waves upon the coast, the beeps and boops of the busy arcade, and a man wearing a vest tellling awkward jokes in a bar that feels more like a village hall. Ah yes, the English summer holiday. From the onset, Sweetheart feels terribly British so much so that you can practically taste the panda pops. Yet underneath the caws of seagulls … Continue reading Sweetheart – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

Tina – Berlinale 2021 Review

by Jordan King ‘River Deep, Mountain High’, ‘Proud Mary’, ‘What’s Love Got to Do with It?’, ‘The Best’, and the list goes on. With her lion-like mane and roaring rocky vocals, Tina Turner has been an apex predator of the music industry for six decades now, slaying fans with her untamable energy and zest for life, killing it in the charts around the world, and … Continue reading Tina – Berlinale 2021 Review