Surge – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

by Anton Bitel  Aneil Karia’s feature debut Surge opens with a high-angle wide shot of travellers and staff moving through the interior of Heathrow Airport, with the camera ever so slowly zooming in, as though looking for meaning in the chaos.  At first a man in a red tie momentarily occupies the centre of the screen, and it seems that he will be the film’s … Continue reading Surge – Glasgow Film Festival 2021 Review

First Cow – Glasgow Film Festival

by Anton Bitel “It’s the getting started that’s the puzzle,” says King-Lu (Orion Lee) in Kelly Reichardt’s First Cow. “No way for a poor man to start. You need capital. Or you need some kind of miracle… Or a crime.” It is the early nineteenth century, not that for removed in time or place from Reichardt’s previous Meek’s Cutoff (2010), and King-Lu is a young … Continue reading First Cow – Glasgow Film Festival

Coming 2 America – Review

by Alistair Ryder In the pandemic age, the rules for releasing movies have been turned upside down. While sending films straight to streaming has traditionally been the sign of a studio “dumping” a movie, now it’s where they’re putting their prize projects – there’s a reason Disney gave Soul a streaming life raft, while leaving The New Mutants out to sea. Coming 2 America is … Continue reading Coming 2 America – Review