Y: The Last Man – Review

by Sarah Cook Imagine a world where all the men were gone. Though some may proclaim, in wild cheering, that this would be the dream, the actual ramifications are intense. Seeing as the patriarchy still controls the world, and therefore men are mostly in control of everything, an instant plague which wipes out all men would be chaos.  That’s the premise behind Y: The Last … Continue reading Y: The Last Man – Review

The Survivor – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review

by Jordan King Approximately six million Jewish people lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis during the atrocities of the Holocaust in World War Two. 965,000 of these deaths occurred at Auschwitz, Poland, and of those 965,000 Jewish people killed, 865,000 were sent to the gas chambers on arrival. That leaves 100,000 Jewish people whose deaths came in some cases days after their … Continue reading The Survivor – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review

Sundown – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Jordan King A quietly menacing malaise laps against the shores of Acapulco, resting at the feet of the Bennett family in Sundown, a sun-kissed and unsettlingly serene anti-thriller from Mexican provoc-auteur Michel Franco. Franco’s film opens with the Bennetts – Neil (Tim Roth), sister Alice (Charlotte Gainsbourg), and her two teenage kids – enjoying life in the lap of luxury at a hotel resort … Continue reading Sundown – BFI London Film Festival Review

The Guilty – Review

by Jordan King When Danish filmmaker Gustav Möller’s The Guilty came out in 2018, Jake Gyllenhaal was quick to swoop the rights to an American remake for his production company ‘Nine Stories’. A taut, tense thriller evocative in formal restriction of the Dogme ‘95 movement supported by the likes of European art-house auteurs like Lars Von Trier, The Guilty took the basic concept of a … Continue reading The Guilty – Review

Rose Plays Julie – Review

Few actors can play a self-satisfied bastard as well as Aidan Gillen. As the unscrupulous Petyr ‘Littlefinger’ Baelish in the HBO series Game of Thrones, he had television viewers cringe at his every insincere utterance.  In Rose Plays Julie, his third collaboration with the writer-director team Christine Molloy and Joe Lawlor, he is cast as an unpleasant, full-of-himself archaeologist, Peter. I’d like to imagine that … Continue reading Rose Plays Julie – Review