Road to Woodsboro: Ghostface Killers – Ranked

by Sarah Cook

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better be good, I am telling you why Ghostface killer is coming back into town.

To celebrate the release of Scream 5, we’re taking a look at that ghoulish creep Ghostface killer and rank the best killers in the franchise.

SPOILERS: We are looking at the film and television series so there will spoilers aplenty.

11 & 10 – Beth & Jamal Eliot,
Giorgia Whigham & Tyga, Scream: Resurrection

This reboot of the television series, which was originally based on the film series, sadly missed the mark in continuing the Ghostface Killer. Receiving not just a lowly 40% on Rotten Tomatoes, but also poor ratings, Beth and Jamal’s rampage is forgettable at best. Plus, the goth obsessed with movies and the boy from the wrong side of the tracks? They are both predictable killers in a series that has spent so long trying to subvert expectations.

9 – Piper Walker
Amelia Rose Blaire, Scream TV Serie

The first season of the Scream TV series was woeful, indeed. Though the body count was many, the deaths were bloody, and the lead actress Willia Fitzgerald as Emma and sidekick Bex Taylor-Klaus as Audrey were memorable characters that you grew to love, the first outing isn’t good. As a result, Piper – the podcaster turned half-sister turned psycho – left zero impact.

8 – Charlie Walker
Rory Culkin, Scream 4

Charlie Walker (Rory Culkin, Scream 4) | Rory culkin, Rory, The good son

Poor Charlie – all he ever wanted was a cool girlfriend and some cool killer points. However, his antics are often overshadowed by his partner-in-crime Jill Roberts. When people think about Scream 4, they immediately think of Jill, and not his somewhat lame attempt at playing psycho-killer. Plus, his reveal is short-lived (and predictable) as he winds up dying at the hands of Jill anyway.  Also, Charlie murdered Kirby – arguably the best character in the whole film.

7 – Debbie Salt aka Mrs Loomis 
Laurie Metcalf, Scream 2

Photo Friday: Billy Loomis's Mom (Spoilers) – That Former Sidekick Girl

I hate ranking the brilliant Laurie Metcalf so low but the biggest problem with Scream 2 is this reveal. There are so many suspects that could’ve been yet the decision to dredge up Loomis’ mother as the big unguessable killer seems tentative at best. In fact, it would’ve been more impactful if Debbie Salt remained a hot-headed reporter looking to oust Gale Weathers from the top spot, instead of the vengeful mother who abandoned her son many moons ago. Most egregiously, however, is the fact she doesn’t get a first name. She’s just Billy’s mother. And, in a rage-induced slaying, she kills the dear Randy. Bad form.

6 – Roman Bridger
Scott Foley, Scream 3

The third instalment in this murderous franchise is often maligned. We’ve already discussed why it deserves a second shot. Though ham-fisted estranged siblings aren’t exactly new to the slasher genre, it was a stretch to put Roman into Sidney’s life. But Scott Foley is fantastic as the lost child who is twisted by his history. There is a brilliant moment between brother and sister as they are trying to kill one another, and that is why Roman ranks a little bit higher than others.

5 – Jill Roberts
Emma Roberts, Scream 4

SCREAM 4's Jill Roberts Is a Sinister Twist to Horror Tropes - Nerdist

Speaking about keeping Ghostface in the family, Jill was introduced as Sidney’s cousin in the last film reboot Scream 4. Her wish to be the protagonist and hero of the killings makes her very dangerous.  The reason Roberts ranks so highly on this list is that Emma Roberts plays her so well. There is a large believability to this forgotten cousin drowning under the weight of Sidney’s fame and wishing to grab a slice of the action. Plus, the sequence of Jill trying to stage her own killings is great.

4 – Kieran Wilcox
Amadeus Serafini, Scream TV Series

Scream' Recap: Season 2 Finale — Killer Revealed, New Interview | TVLine

There is nothing better than a villain reveal. A well-executed villain reveal. And, boy, Season 2 of the Scream TV series does it so very well. The second outing of the show was far more brutal and bloodier than the first. A certain gym sequence was definitely a favourite. Though his reasons are a little bit weak, we spent two seasons believing Kieran was a misunderstood good guy so his turn in the Season 2 finale was excellently done. When Emma realises and his face switches from boyfriend to boy fiend, it is a superb bit of acting from Amadeus Serafini.

3 – Mickey Altieri
Timothy Olyphant, Scream 2

Scream 2: The Hidden Clue That Reveals Timothy Olyphant's Mickey Is A Killer

Film student Mickey was a psychopath long before the events of Scream 2 began. Helpfully funded by Debbie Salt, Mickey’s outings, slaughtering his college classmates in cinemas and on-campus, are bloody brilliant. Timothy Olyphant, as the movie obsessive attempting to blame his course of killings wrongly on cinema, looks extremely good as Mickey as well. Constantly carrying a film camera around, filming his killings for his own sick amusement, we’ve a lot of love for Mickey – especially when he frames poor boyfriend Derek.

2 – Billy Loomis
Skeet Ulrich, Scream

January 20: Skeet Ulrich, star of Scream and The... - Broke Horror Fan

Movies don’t make psychos, Sid, they only make them more creative.”

A killer who references movies more so than video nerd Randy, Billy has made an everlasting impression as one of the original Ghostface killers. Motiveless, he slays his classmates for the thrill and attempts to thwart the authorities like he did when he butchered Sidney’s mother. Played greatly by Ulrich, Billy constantly subverts his character expectations. Throughout the movie, he is constantly marked as the killer to the point that, like Sidney, it seems hard to believe anymore. So, when he turns, you are just as shocked that the guy who spent so much of the movie trying to prove his innocence is actually guilty.

So why is he in the second position? Well…

1 – Stu Macher
Matthew Lillard,  Scream

Scream: Writer Responds To Lillard's Theory 'Stu's Survival' - FandomWire

The calm, calculated, and cold Billy is only beaten by the chaotic and calamitous Stu. Whilst Loomis’s villain turn was good, Stu’s was completely unexpected. The character plays dumb for the whole movie. Whilst he is somewhat perceived as the mischievous lacky to Billy, after many rewatches, you can see that his complete stupidity is a smart ploy. Watch as he manoeuvres people into the right spots so they can be slaughtered. Plus, Matthew Lillard’s line delivery is consistently impeccable. Nothing in the entire series can beat a solemn, dying Stu whimpering, “my mom and dad are going to be so mad at me.”

Who’s your favourite Ghostface killer?
Let us know in the comments below!

Scream 5 is out in cinemas

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