Limbo – Review

We all remember sex education class, right? And it certainly wasn’t anything like Gillian Anderson putting a condom on an aubergine. With one of the most eye brow raising, outright bizarre opening scene of a man and woman dancing to no other than Hot Chocolate’s ‘It started with a Kiss’ quite rightly sets the tone for a quirky, fun and utterly profound tale of the … Continue reading Limbo – Review

Savage – Review

With a title like Savage, certain connotations emerge. Sam Kelly’s feature debut, inspired by true events, brings us a brutal portrayal of gang culture in New Zealand dripping with animalistic prowess and grit – think Sons of Anarchy minus the bikes and Charlie Hunnam (sadly). It’s hard not to think of power and violence in the same thought when it’s so ingrained into our societies; … Continue reading Savage – Review

Doctor Sleep – Review

There’s no doubt about it – The Shining is a tough egg to follow. An enormous task, not only to the legacy that is Kubrick and King’s kick-arse novel but to the endless numbers of fans one needs to please by taking on such a challenge. It’s with great pleasure that we can say Doctor Sleep is a thoroughly enjoyable trip down memory lane with … Continue reading Doctor Sleep – Review

Joker – Review

First off, whether you think clowns are scary or not, clowns are undoubtedly a little bit creepy. A bizarre tradition for entertaining children passed down through the ages that can go from cute and fluffy to insanely petrifying in a beat; albeit the scary part here is more real than you will ever see in any Stephen King adaptation. It’s not on the exterior, it’s … Continue reading Joker – Review

Kanini & Kanino – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

From the first frame of this adorable Japanese short animation the words stunning, gorgeous, beautiful spring to mind. The running stream of water so tangible you physically want to reach out and feel it for yourself. Such a rush of emotions is instantly captured in Studio Ponoc’s latest adventure of two crab brothers, Kanini & Kanino. Part of the Modest Heroes trilogy from director Hiromasa … Continue reading Kanini & Kanino – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

Searching – Review

Screened at Sundance, thriller Searching presents a tense tale of a father searching for his daughter. A concept we are all familiar with and possibly one that’s been done to death, but director Aneesh Chaganty makes the decision to tell this story completely through the many faces of technology. Relying on technology to solely drive the narrative can be risky business. As technology has evolved, we … Continue reading Searching – Review