Edgar Wright Week: You Must Watched…Spaced

There are few people out there who would question my geek credentials, my knowledge of film, television and video games far exceed that of many of my compatriots, and recently, my party in Dungeons and Dragons managed to exorcise a Glabrezu in one round whilst attempting to foil the plans of a Necromancer (Geek credentials, check! Cool credentials… what were those again?) Regardless, if there … Continue reading Edgar Wright Week: You Must Watched…Spaced

Shin-Godzilla – Review!

In recent years, it’s been hard not to feel a pang of sorrow for the gigantic radioactive lizard that is Godzilla, especially in the western world, as both recent attempts at Hollywood creating a new franchise featuring the King of the Monsters have resulted in abject failure, and a distinctly disinterested shrug from the box office audience. There are many reasons why this could be … Continue reading Shin-Godzilla – Review!

You Must Watch…Preacher (Amazon Prime)

Let’s be honest, the superhero genre is beginning to get a bit stale. Sure, we get the occasional mould breaker such as Thor: Ragnarok, but ultimately, there’s very little deviation from the formula of bombastic action sequences and world-ending schemes. That being said, there are plenty of other comic books out there which are begging to be adapted onto the screen, big or small. One … Continue reading You Must Watch…Preacher (Amazon Prime)

Rakuten TV’s Horror Fest!

Now that Halloween is over, we can all settle down once again and start to brace ourselves for Christmas. Well, we could if Rakuten TV weren’t still offering a veritable feast of fantastic horror, both new and old! The channel is offering you the opportunity to watch such films as 28 Days Later, Rosemary’s Baby, Drag Me to Hell, The Blair Witch Project, American Psycho … Continue reading Rakuten TV’s Horror Fest!

78/52 – Brand New Trailer!

One of the most iconic cinematic moments ever talked about is the Shower Scene from Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. That single scene took up a quarter of the film’s shooting schedule and was set-up 78 times with the total number of cuts within the finished scene coming to a grand total of 52. It’s these two numbers which were chosen to be used as the title … Continue reading 78/52 – Brand New Trailer!