tick, tick… BOOM! – Review

by Jordan King Lin-Manuel Miranda is a man who writes – and works – like he’s running out of time. This year alone has seen the multi-hyphenate’s Broadway smash In The Heights dazzlingly brought to life on the big screen, with the New Yorker also penning the songbook for and starring in Sony Pictures Animation’s Vivo, providing lyrics for Disney’s upcoming Encanto, and also working … Continue reading tick, tick… BOOM! – Review

The Power of the Dog – Review

by Jordan KingJane Campion’s The Power of the Dog, a disquieting and portent-filled examination of oppression, repression, and the shackles enforced by the endeavour to be masculine, is a formidable work from a true auteur. Set in 1925 against the dramatic mountainous landscape of Montana (or Otago, New Zealand as is the shooting stand-in), Campion’s latest is a slow-burning affair that time and again refuses … Continue reading The Power of the Dog – Review

Lamb – Review

by Jordan King Lamb – A.K.A In The Bleat Midwinter – is one of the most bizarre, beguiling feature debuts we have been given in some time. Directed by Valdimar Jóhannsson, who shares writing duties with frequent Björk collaborator and Robert Eggers’ The Northman co-writer Sjón, Lamb offers viewers a mesmerically off-kilter story about an unlikely found family formed on an Icelandic mountainside farmstead. It’s … Continue reading Lamb – Review

You Are Not My Mother – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review

by Jordan KingIrish writer-director Kate Dolan’s You Are Not My Mother, a Samhain chiller nestled within the framework of a sympathetically crafted story about mothers, daughters, and the monstrousness of mental illness’ ravaging effect on both the afflicted and their loved ones was one of TIFF 2021’s most surprising standouts. Dolan’s film begins with a portentous wide shot of a baby’s pram beneath the lamplight … Continue reading You Are Not My Mother – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review

The Survivor – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review

by Jordan King Approximately six million Jewish people lost their lives at the hands of the Nazis during the atrocities of the Holocaust in World War Two. 965,000 of these deaths occurred at Auschwitz, Poland, and of those 965,000 Jewish people killed, 865,000 were sent to the gas chambers on arrival. That leaves 100,000 Jewish people whose deaths came in some cases days after their … Continue reading The Survivor – Toronto International Film Festival 2021 Review