You Must Watch…You

by Sarah Cook If there’s something strange, in your neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Not the Quinn-Goldbergs! Because they are probably behind it. That’s right, it is time to say “hello you” again to our favourite dysfunctional family  as series three of You is finally available to watch. The thrilling trashy television show revolving around stalker-murderer Joe Goldberg is the unexpected hit we’ve all somehow … Continue reading You Must Watch…You

Dashcam – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Sarah Miles Coming up with a follow-up to a movie like 2020’s Host could lead to some real fear of a difficult second album. Host, the story of a group of friends on Zoom who decide that an online séance is a great way to beat the lockdown blues, and things go about as well as you might expect from that setup, was nothing … Continue reading Dashcam – BFI London Film Festival Review

Last Night in Soho – Review

by Robbie JonesAs one of Britain’s most indisputably popular filmmakers, Edgar Wright has reached a point in his career where his work has become an event. Fans and critics have come to anticipate Wright’s signature style with each new release and, whether or not the film is good, revel in the pleasure of having experienced yet another journey into his cinematic landscape. Wright has made … Continue reading Last Night in Soho – Review

Scream – Trailers! Featurettes! Games!

by Sarah Cook “I’m Sidney Prescott – of course I have a gun!” Twenty five years ago, Sidney and her friends were thrown into a killing frenzy that changed the shape of slasher films. The late and great Wes Craven, the mastermind behind the series, introduced Ghostface into our lives and the killer has become a staple in horror movie marathons. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin … Continue reading Scream – Trailers! Featurettes! Games!

Titane – Review

by Sarah Cook Julia Ducournau’s cannibalistic debut feature Raw was a triumph. The story of a young woman who, after tasting meat for the very first time, suddenly has a major craving for human flesh was something so devilishly good. It was truly something masterful that we could sink our teeth into and it made us excited for what the French director could cook up next. … Continue reading Titane – Review

You Must Watch…Murder, Mystery & Make-Up

by Sarah Cook True crime has fascinated us for centuries. I guess there is a lot of psychology surrounding the phenomenon. Whether or not it stems from a morbid fascination with murders and their perpetrators or it comes from the spectacle of violence, true crime has been extremely popular. Think of the Victorians who’d rush crime scenes to get their first glimpse of the gore and … Continue reading You Must Watch…Murder, Mystery & Make-Up