The Best Of…Ryan Gosling

There are many actors who deliver everything they’ve got as soon they step on screen, and by God, Ryan Gosling is one of them. The man is a chameleon; he slips into every role he plays and disappears into the character, whether it be dramatic or comedic, a small part or a large one, he’s just so incredibly watchable. To celebrate the man’s 40th birthday, … Continue reading The Best Of…Ryan Gosling

The Best of…Matthew MacFadyen

Matthew MacFadyen is truly a terrific actor. The deep voiced thespian should be one of our most iconic actors and certainly the trajectory is heading that way; from period dramas to black comedies, MacFadyen is brilliant in everything he does. Ahead of his leading role in ITV’s Comedy-Drama Quiz, we’re looking at some of MacFadyen’s greatest performances. Ripper Street (2012 – 2016) Set in London … Continue reading The Best of…Matthew MacFadyen

The Best Of: 6 Incredible Roles by Amy Adams

Amy Adams is one of my favourite actresses. I know it’s a bit unprofessional to start an article so deeply personal but I recently spoke to the great Adams at a press conference. Replying to me in such an astute and intellectual way, I instantly blacked out and cannot quite recall what she said because I was overcome by her perfection (Hooray for Dictaphones!) Anyway, there … Continue reading The Best Of: 6 Incredible Roles by Amy Adams

The Rise of Olivia Cooke

Plastered all over your screens this week is none other than home grown hero Olivia Cooke, who’s chasing easter eggs in Ready Player One and getting up to sinister acts in Thoroughbreds, so what better time to take a look at this star in the making, why she’s got big things coming, and her breakthrough film performance. Born and raised in Oldham, Manchester, Cooke started acting young in local … Continue reading The Rise of Olivia Cooke

The Best Of…Paul Rudd

Some actors are timeless. In Paul Rudd’s case, he’s just ageless. Yes, the unwrinkled and smooth perfection of Rudd’s features have caused many to proclaim more sinister and mysterious than simple product, Botox, and wealthy, healthy living. Beyond his youthful looks, Paul Rudd has made a staple for himself by appearing as a lovable loser in comedies and beyond. Charming us with his sparkling eyes … Continue reading The Best Of…Paul Rudd

The Best Of…Hugh Grant

Let’s face it: We’ve all been embroiled in some sort of crush on Hugh Grant. I mean, look at him: Foppish fringed hair, bright white smile, and handsome British awkwardness. Hefty sigh. Yep, back in the nineties, Grant had his own legion of fans but admits controversy and film failures, we sort of lost our way with him and he faded to the background somewhat. … Continue reading The Best Of…Hugh Grant