I Trapped The Devil – Frightfest 2019 Review

The greatest horror films deal with our own psychological troubles. It is a classic trope, really: Am I actually seeing this hideous monster or am I going completely mad? The twist of this story has created some masterful pieces of work – especially when you aren’t aware that our hero is slightly deranged state. From Rosemary’s Baby to Switchblade Romance, horror has always relied on … Continue reading I Trapped The Devil – Frightfest 2019 Review

Feedback – Frightfest 2019 Review

Eddie Marsan is one of our greatest treasures.  He is a performer who has been brilliant in everything that he does from the villainous (Tyrannosaur, Deadpool 2) to the wimpy and somewhat kind-hearted (Filth, The World’s End.) Marsan can be twisted and turbulent but never anything less than stellar, making a mark in whatever production he is in. In fact, Marsan is so phenomenal that … Continue reading Feedback – Frightfest 2019 Review

Extracurricular – Frightfest 2019 Review

Unlikeable characters are wonderful. The anti-hero who has killed a multitude of people yet has a secret heart of gold always win over the almighty hero or villain. Those type of villains that grapple with consequence and demons. Anti-heroes are on the rise in cinema from Travis Bickle to Bruce Robertson in Filth. This even includes blockbuster hits such as John Wick, Thor: Ragnarok, and … Continue reading Extracurricular – Frightfest 2019 Review

The Wind – Frightfest 2019 Review

(This review has some spoilers) Horror’s greatest monster is isolation. Loneliness is a major factor for our everyday troubles. A quiet solo night-in causes your brain to conjure vivid monsters and utmost bloodshed without much hesitation. Prolonged absence and ostracised from society feeds into the nightmares. Every shadow turns into a ghoul. Every noise is a hideous beast. Every beat of your heart doused in … Continue reading The Wind – Frightfest 2019 Review