Encounter – Review

The opening minutes of Encounter prepare you for a science-fiction adventure. A meteor hurtling through space enters the Earth’s atmosphere and casts a streak of light over a suburban American town. Like a latter-day Roy Neary, the protagonist of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, former marine Malik Khan (the ever-watchable Riz Ahmed) is on a singular mission: to take his two young … Continue reading Encounter – Review

Edgar Wright Week: You Must Watched…Spaced

There are few people out there who would question my geek credentials, my knowledge of film, television and video games far exceed that of many of my compatriots, and recently, my party in Dungeons and Dragons managed to exorcise a Glabrezu in one round whilst attempting to foil the plans of a Necromancer (Geek credentials, check! Cool credentials… what were those again?) Regardless, if there … Continue reading Edgar Wright Week: You Must Watched…Spaced

Werewolves Within – Review

by Jordan King Following reasonably hot on the heels of Jim Cummings’ 2020 Fargo-esque horror-comedy The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a murder mystery caper that saw a purported werewolf on the loose in a small mountain town, Josh Ruben’s Werewolves Within – a Ubisoft Studios production spun-off from the same titled VR game – offers audiences another helping of lycanthropic laughs and bloodletting. Sitting pretty … Continue reading Werewolves Within – Review

I Care A Lot – Review

 by  Charlotte Sometimes  It’s easy to forget that a protagonist doesn’t have to be the good guy/gal. All that’s required to be a protagonist is to be the film’s lead character, a moral compass pointing in the direction of good and knowing right and wrong isn’t really necessity. Which is how we end up being stuck with Marla Grayson (Rosamund Pike), a woman who is … Continue reading I Care A Lot – Review

Dead Pigs – Review

by Chris Connor Cathy Yan is one of the most sought after directors working today following the success of 2020’s Birds Of Prey, led by Margot Robbie, singled out by many as one of the best entry’s in the DC Expanded Universe.  Prior to the success of what was remarkably her 2nd feature film, Wan helmed the acclaimed Dead Pigs which premiered at the 2018 … Continue reading Dead Pigs – Review

Marvelous and the Black Hole – Sundance 2021 Review

by Jordan King Marvelous and the Black Hole, written and directed by Kate Tsang, is a lovely curtain closer on my time with the Sundance Film Festival this year and the sort of film that feels perfectly pitched for family film nights the world over when it becomes widely available. Sammy (Miya Cech) is thirteen years old. Having lost her mother a few years ago, … Continue reading Marvelous and the Black Hole – Sundance 2021 Review