7 Days – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Sarah Cook Art is and will always be, a reflection of our time, our history, and our imagination. So, it is natural that our art is going to be informed by the recent two years in the midst of a global pandemic. Since COVID struck, many have used COVID as a tool; whether it has helped craft their work like Rob Savage’s Host or … Continue reading 7 Days – BFI London Film Festival Review

BFI London Film Festival 2021 – Highlights

by Robbie Jones This week, film fans across the UK need not anticipate any longer, as the 65th BFI London Film Festival is finally upon us. Just like every year before it, the London Film Festival is home to 159 new feature films making their UK debut, now more accessible than ever as the festival trancends it’s London home and stretches to screenings in Belfast, … Continue reading BFI London Film Festival 2021 – Highlights

Petite Maman – Review

by Jordan King What is cinema if not an elaborate game of playtime and make-believe? When you pick apart narrative film and strip it down to its core, it is little more than a group of people playing dress-up, pretending to be someone else, telling a story and hoping it all feels real enough to make sense of the oftentimes otherwise nonsensical. For Céline Sciamma’s … Continue reading Petite Maman – Review

Border – Review

Fairy-tales.. They have seeped throughout time and history. Chattered imagination has been whispered in bed-time stories and campfire horrors. For centuries with been spooked by spectres, haunted by horrors, and frightened by fantasies. In Scandinavia, adults and children have been particularly terrified by their own particular historical creatures. Creatures which Ali Abbasi has spun into a glorious modern yarn. Border revolves around Tina, a woman … Continue reading Border – Review

Beautiful Boy – Review

There have been many movies made on addiction. Even A Star is Born focuses on  the debilitating disease. Stories like these need to be told because we need to understand the struggles of those suffering, the heartache of the families, and support ways we help people blighted Director Felix Van Groeningen, the open and honest story about addiction. Based on the memoirs of Nic and David … Continue reading Beautiful Boy – Review

The Favourite – Review

The world of Yorgos Lanthimos is a bizarre yet beautiful one. From bored teenagers in Dogtooth to animals in The Lobster, there is something about the filmmaker’s mind that you want to immerse yourself completely in; soaking in every stilted word, every bizarre premise, and every Colin Farrell mustache. Although there is no Farrell facial hair here, Lanthimos is on top form with The Favourite. Blending … Continue reading The Favourite – Review